We never know what life has in store for us…do we?  The mountains of Bulgaria at 2,000 ft are beautiful.  Some of the best slopes if you ski,  but bleak, there’s snow and more snow, ski slopes and little else.   Here and  there are hotels and restaurants with great log fires, welcoming and warm.  OK if you’re on the inside, but its no place to be abandoned and left to your own devices especially if your a big, white, frightened, dog…

There were five of us, we travelled from New York, Turkey and London to spend time over Christmas and New year together in Sopia and  then up and up for 4 hours through timeless views.   As they say, ‘The the map is not the territory’.  Seeing it in a magazine, or even TV isn’t real, you have to see it, feel it and experience the reality to know how it is.  We stopped at villages that were like travelling back, by time machine.   People were welcoming.  Sheep and cows roaming and dogs asleep in doorways, waiting for reason to come alive.  The hospitality was warming, villagers proudly shared yogurts, jam, honey, wines, all home made.  Fresh food and big fires, it was bliss.

The first time I saw Gloria was the following morning.  She lay across from our hotel in the snow, she just lay there and her eyes followed me.  She lifted her head and I sat close to her for a while and already something had happened between us.   By the time we were checking out on 3rd January, I had decided to arrange  for her to come to London.  We began the process of vets, passport, vaccinations etc and were confident she would be with us by the end of the month.

Not so…The shipper called me to say, ‘Sorry, we can’t send your dog, she is very pregnant’.  We got online straight away and were surprised that the gestation period for a dog is 8 weeks, all that in just 8 weeks, amazing.  On 9th February 2013, she gave birth to 10 puppies, in a field above the hotel and my one dog became eleven dogs.  I believe life will only send us what we need to grow…to be bigger than we have been being!

Mary and Doug at Pearl Lodge Hotel were marvellous, they took on feeding Gloria and the puppies.  Seven pups survived and when they were six weeks old, they took all 8 dogs into the hotel and cared for them.  Their daughter Hope who is 15 yrs old made a long lead with 7 small leads leading off it and walked all the puppies she and they had a great time together, and there aren’t enough ‘thank-you’s to express our gratitude. Gloria was exhausted and finally she came to us on April 3rd 2013.  A bedraggled and terrified animal.

Villagers told us what they know about Gloria’s story.  She had been used as a fighting dog, and was useless so they chopped off her right ear, it used to have a tattoo, a number that would have traced her owner.  She had been beaten, starved, made to fight  and after many beatings and cruelty was abandoned in the mountains.  

Getting to know her is wonderful, she is going through those times she missed out on….  Being a naughty puppy, chewing things and having toys, ripping up magazines and letters in the post! Fear and uncertainty are turning into confidence and pleasure and to watch her in Kensington Gardens is beautiful, she floats from one person to another and says ‘hello’ to everyone, children lean out of their pram to her, People seem to feel the need to touch her, she brings pleasure, she smiles and she plays with a Chihuahua, delicately and sensitively and with a large dog very differently, up on 2 legs and using strength…

Watching this beautiful, delightful, sensitive and loving animal build and thrive in her new life and surroundings is just simply wondeful.. something that should certainly be shared with the world… So here’s Gloria’s very own blog, ‘Gloria’s Tale’




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